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Related article: Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 10:55:31 +0000 (GMT) From: Steve Rose Subject: Adventures in Crete 7DISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story exist and the events that take place are purely imaginary.Sorry for the delay in posting this chapter but computer problems and illness have delayed everything for a while.WARNING:Do not read this story if you are in any way offended by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex. Adventure to Crete - 7The next morning, despite the exertions of the night before, Nick was awake and almost dressed before his father came to give him his wake-up call. Nick opened the door already in his shorts and lacking only a T-shirt. Nick's father saw that his son was h almost ready and was certain that Nick would follow the rest of the family down to breakfast very soon. Nick pulled on a T-shirt and quickly followed his family downstairs to the breakfast area. As he walked slightly stiffly through reception to join them, Nick saw George smiling slyly at him from behind the desk. As he drew level George gave him a conspiratorial wink and then said,"I have a message from Panos. He is very sorry but he has to work late today and so he may not be able to see you again until tomorrow. He hopes you will understand. I also am not available today as I have other business to attend to. You are going on a day trip to the Gorge today so you will probably be tired when you return."Nick looked obviously disappointed by this news and George added quietly,"Don't worry. We will make it up to you tomorrow. Have we ever disappointed you?"Nick was forced to concede that they had not let him down but he was still a bit subdued when he reached his family breakfast table. Nick's mother noticed at once,"What's wrong, Nick?", she asked, "I expect you're fed up with all these trips out when you'd prefer to be on the beach looking at the young girls or out with your Greek friends. Well, I told your father, the last two days will be for everyone to do as they please. After today, no tours, no museums, we'll all just do our own thing."This news cheered Nick up and he visibly brightened although even he had to admit that the tours they had been on had been quite interesting. This proved to be the case on this particular day. The Gorge had been spectacular and the walking not too taxing, especially as there were plenty of opportunities to stop and admire the views, eat food and take a drink. On the other hand, Nick was disappointed that his evening was going to be rather a let-down after the previous few days. He thought of trying to persuade his father to let him go to the nearest big town and go to a disco but knew that this was unlikely to be approved given the distance and the problem of transport. Nick would have to resign himself to an evening of wandering around and seeing what, if anything, he could find to do in the local area.The coach bringing the holidaymakers back to the hotel turned into the car park of the hotel where Nick and his family were staying and Nick was cheered by the sight of the van Panos used when delivering the laundry and other supplies. Perhaps, after all, Panos would be available that evening. Nick looked around but there was no sign of Panos and at reception there was only a young girl standing there when he Nymphets Lolitas and his parents collected their keys. The other three were tired and it was agreed that they would all meet for dinner in a couple of hours. Nick said he might have a quick swim in the hotel pool before he rested. Nick went to his room and changed into his tight speedos and walked with his towel draped round his shoulders through the hotel to the entrance to the pool area. As he walked through the door, Nick saw Panos talking to a tall stranger over the other side of the swimming area. Panos smiled and waved and Nick hurried to meet him and the stranger. Nick also noticed that Panos said something to the young person standing next to him and the young man turned and looked in his direction.Nick walked over to where they were standing and it was clear that they were talking in English not Greek. He could also see that the stranger was a year or so older than himself and was quite tall. As soon as Nick arrived, Panos introduced him to the other young man."Ah Nick, this is Jason. He visited us for a week last year. Jason, this is Nick he is on his first visit and he is the young man I was talking to you about. Unfortunately I cannot stay but I am sure that you will find plenty to chat about. I know that you have a lot in common!!"Nick looked at Jason and shook hands with him. Each of the English teenagers was checking out the other. Both were wearing speedos, which more than adequately showed off their assets. Before he left them Panos, in order to emphasise the point gave each of them a friendly squeeze of the groin. Then Panos turned away and they both watched him disappear towards the car park where his van was parked.Jason looked straight at Nick and said,"Well Nick what do you want to do? Go for a swim or do something more interesting?""Well that's an easy question, Jason. I had intended to swim but I'm sure something more interesting Nymphets Lolitas would be even better", replied Nick."Well follow me then and call me Jase, by the way.""OK Jase"Jason led the way to the room where Nick and Panos had first had sex. Nick was not sure whether Jason knew about the hidden camera and was uncertain whether to say anything Nymphets Lolitas to him about it. In the end he decided that Jason probably did know about it, especially as he had obviously been involved with Panos the previous year. Jason similarly did not know how much Nick knew about the room they were in but again concluded that Nick would probably already be aware of the secret camera that operated in the room. Neither teen knew exactly how the camera worked but as soon as they had entered the room a recording machine had switched itself on in the apartment belonging to the hotel manager, George. When either Panos or his uncle returned later that evening from their family function, they would see a small flashing light which would indicate that someone had been in the store room.After they were both safely inside the room Jason carefully closed and locked the door and then turned to Nick, whose speedos were now even fuller as his cock began to anticipate what would soon take place. Jason began to feel the bulging swimming gear and Nick responded. It did not take them long before they were ready to remove their swimwear. Jason led the way, pulling Nick's speedos off him in one easy movement. As he did so, Jason was rewarded by the sight of Nick's uncut cock freshly released from its confinement and swinging freely in front of him. Nick wasted no more time either and he too removed Jason's speedos in one quick movement. Jason's cock was uncut like Nick's. It was however rather larger and fatter than either Nick's own or that of either Panos or George. In fact in terms of circumference it was the largest dick Nick had ever seen. In its rock hard state, Jason's foreskin hardly covered more than a third of his glans. Once fully naked, both teenagers stood back from each other each momentarily admiring the Nymphets Lolitas other's equipment. Jason, the elder and more experienced of the two decided to take control,"Well Nick what would you like to do? Do you want to suck me first or shall I suck you? By the look of you, you need relief more than I do."Jason knelt down in front of Nick but instead of taking his new friend into his mouth straight away, the older boy reached for something in his bag. To Nick's amazement Jason produced a jar of strawberry jam which he proceeded to smear all over the younger teen's cock and balls. Once the process had been completed, Jason then began to lick off the sticky substance from Nick's cock and balls. Nick felt Jason's lips working their way down his shaft and onto his balls licking up the jam as he went. By the time Nick's cock was firmly embedded in Jason's throat, it was obvious that the jam had been mixed with saliva and pre-cum. Jason then proceeded to suck his mouth back up the shaft until he reached the newly exposed and sensitive head of Nick's cock. There he stopped and began to gently use his tongue to tease the youngster's piss slit whilst at the same time using one hand to play with Nick's balls and the other to penetrate his arse hole. Nick felt hot and horny and ready to unload a mighty serving of teen cream. He looked down at Jason and gasped the words "nearly...cumming" before giving himself over to the warm feelings of imminent orgasm. Jason intensified the ticking and teasing of the piss slit and the work he was doing with his hand as he encouraged Nick to deliver. Almost immediately Jason was rewarded as the younger teen fired his hot spunk into his eager mouth. The taste of creamy young cum mixed with strawberries was exquisite and Jason resolved to share some of this with his new friend. Nick's powerful blasts slowed and finally the last drops of his teen ball juice were dribbling out. Jason released his grip on Nick and slowly rose from his knees until he was level with the teenager's face. Opening his mouth wide, Jason put out his tongue and transferred some of the cummy content into Nick's mouth. Nick too found the taste of cummy strawberry jam very much to his liking and he swallowed it quickly, eager for more. After a second helping the two had recovered enough to speak. Nick smiled at Nymphets Lolitas Jason,"Thanks Jase that was great and the taste of cum and strawberry was amazing, wherever did you think of that?""No thank you, Nick", replied Jason, "your cock was so good to suck and lick. Oh I read about the jam trick on a toilet wall a few months ago and have been anxious to try it ever since."Nick noticed that Jason's cock was still rock hard and realised that he had not yet cum and so he smiled again at Jason and said,"You haven't cum yet have you? I'd like you to cum inside me. I was a virgin when I came here but Panos and his uncle have seen to my education. Your cock looks very big but I think I can manage to accommodate it."Jason grinned as well and said in a jokey manner,"Oh Nick, I thought you'd never ask!"Jason again reached into his bag and produced a large jar of lube, which he handed to Nick. Nick sat close to Jason and began to spread the oily substance all over his new friend's rock hard cock. He bathed the already quite glistening head with more lube to create a mixture of pre-cum and oil and then proceeded to spread this cocktail down the shaft to Jason's balls. Meanwhile Jason had also taken a large amount of lubricant on his fingers and was gently manoeuvring Nick into a position in which he could gain access to the younger teen's arse hole. Nick willingly opened his legs wider to give Jason better access as he continued to spread the lube all over the older teen's cock. Jason whispered to Nick that he wanted him to turn over Nymphets Lolitas and this enabled the older teen to get better access to his hole.Jason was in no great hurry and decided to spread some of the lube with his tongue. Nick felt the coarse roughness of Jason's tongue lick over his arse cheeks and on towards his hole. Jason's tongue began to penetrate Nick's hole and spread some of the lube inside the love channel. At the same time, Jason reached in front of Nick and began to squeeze and tease the younger lad's nipples. Nick was quite surprised but a thrill of excitement ran through his body and his cock began to respond to the various stimuli that his body was experiencing. After a few minutes Jason's tongue was removed and Nick felt the more familiar finger penetration of his arse begin. Jason seemed to know exactly where to place his invading fingers to cause the maximum sensation for Nick and to bring the younger boy back to full hardness. Nick could only just contain his excitement and moaned with pleasure,"Oh yes, Jase, that's sooo good. My hole is ready for you now. Please fuck me!! I need that fat cock of yours inside me, please!!""OK Nick, I think you're ready and I know I am", replied Jason.Jason swiftly withdrew his fingers and moved the exposed but sensitive glans towards the entrance to Nick's shute. Nick felt the hardness of the cock head as it pushed gently at the entrance to his hole and waited until he felt Jason begin to enter him. The wonderful feeling of Jason's fat cock beginning its journey inside him caused Nick to sigh very loudly. Jason slowly pushed more of his cock into Nick but paused every few moments to allow both of them to adjust to their situation. It did not take all that long before Nick felt the slap of Jason's balls on his arse cheeks and knew that he was fully impaled on Jason's cock. Nick wriggled a little to adjust to the invasion and Jason waited patiently before beginning the slow process of withdrawing most of the length until only his cock head remained inside. As he worked his way backwards Jason also ensured that the maximum pressure was placed on Nick's prostate. Jason gripped Nick firmly, one hand gently holding onto the younger teen's throbbing cock and the other continuing the assault on his nipples. After a brief pause Jason then began to push his thick shaft back deep inside Nick, who began to push back to meet the inward thrust."That's right, Nick. Push back as I push in", gasped Jason as he realised that he was rather closer to cumming than he had expected.Nick did as he was instructed and soon a regular rhythm was established which both of the teenagers recognised could not last very long. Jason began to increase the speed of his thrusts and the wanking action on Nick's cock increased as well. Nick could feel a second orgasm fast approaching but he wanted to hold back so that he shot his load at the same time as Jason. Jason could also tell that Nick was reaching the point of no return and also wanted to deliver his hot jizz deep inside Nick at the same time as his young friend shot his creamy spunk. Jason increased the speed of his invading pushed and urged Nick to squeeze his arse muscles as tight as possible to maximise the pleasure and the effect. Nick did as he was requested and as his own cum began to build up in his balls he discovered that his arse muscles were tightening even further. A wave of unbearable excitement washed over Nick as his cum began its tingly rush up his shaft towards the outside world. Nick could not hold out any longer, but neither could Jason. Jason stopped his thrusting with his cock lodged deep inside Nick and held by the teenager's tight arse muscles. Jason's balls rode up and tightened and his creamy hot jizz also began its headlong rush. Jason's piss slit opened wide and within moments was spewing forth rope after rope of hot spunk."Oh yes...here...it...cums", cried Jason as he exploded inside Nick."Mine too", gasped Nick as his cock was similarly spraying a fountain of cum.The aftershocks went on for several minutes as each of the two horny teens came down from their high. Eventually they were able to speak. Jason grinned at Nick and said,"Thanks Nick your arse is soo sweet and tight and you are soo good. I hope it won't be long before I can go back up there again.""Thank, Jase. I hope so too. You made me cum twice! I owe you one! I hope we can meet again before I leave the day after tomorrow.""I didn't realise you were leaving so soon, Nick. But I'm sure we'll find a time but now we better clean up and get dressed."The two teenagers used their towels to clean up some of the mess and Jason reminded Nick of the need to allow his arse to clear and to have a shower. Then they slowly put their speeedos on and walked slowly to the door and unlocked it. The coast was clear and the two boys walked casually out into the still sunny afternoon and back towards the pool. A small number of people were swimming but none took much notice of the two teenagers who quickly disappeared back into the hotel and made for their separate rooms.The rest of the evening was something of an anti-climax for Nick who, as promised, ate with his family that evening. Nick was pleased that the following couple of days would be free of his father's idea of holiday entertainment and that he would be free to wander about, sunbathe and swim. He would also be able to see Panos and the other friends he had made on his holiday in the evenings, so the sacrifice of this particular evening would have its compensation! Nick got a brief glimpse of Jason as he walked down to another Taverna near the sea front. Jason gave a brief nod and smile of recognition but walked on. Nick's family meal lasted quite a long time and it was getting late when they arrived back at the hotel. There was no sign of George in the reception but another girl was there and sullenly handed them their keys. Nick turned to walk up the stairs after his parents when he saw Jason coming in to the hotel. Nick waited so that his parents and sister were out of earshot and turned expectantly towards Jason. The two teenagers smiled at each other and Jason, looking tired. said,"I'm really bushed at the moment. I think the journey has caught up with me. I'm going to my room to crash. See you tomorrow, I hope Nick and thanks for today.""No I should thank you for today and I also hope I will have a chance for a repeat performance tomorrow", said Nick enthusiastically.The two teenagers began to walk wearily up the stairs. Nick reached his floor first and turned down the corridor towards his room. He was about to offer Jason the chance to change his mind and have a short session before he crashed but one look indicated that Jason was too tired to be able to even manage a quick mutual wank. Nick decided that it would be better for him too to save himself for the following day. However before they finally parted company, Jason whispered to Nick."I hope that Panos and George enjoy the entertainment we've just provided for them back there."Nick grinned back and said,"I'm sure they will." To be continued...I hope you enjoyed this chapter. If you have any comments please let me know cutrose40yahoo.co.uk
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